Intelligent Dog with faithful and trustworthy nature!!


A true friend of human is a dog. They give you unconditional love. Dogs can find people who need them and the emptiness you feel is not known. Everyone likes to keep the dog in their home. It helps people in various fields. The dog is very faithful, the trustworthy animal in the entire world. If any strangers are coming towards them then they attacks and barks loudly. Dogs eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal such as rice, meat, fish etc. There are various types of dogs in which Welsh corgi is also included. Welsh corgi dogs are small in size. The color of the dog is red, sable, black and tan, with or without white flashing etc.

Short Dog Personality

Welsh corgi dogs are intelligence and forceful will. Their bodies are small in size but in their own mind, they are big dogs. This dog needs exercise and training in the proper way. They are not happy with keeping them in a kennel. They want to be part of your family. Their mind is very sharp. They can excess things very fast. If anything wrong happens it can identify within a minute and start barking. Because of their small structure, they are found under your kitchen table or under the sofa. This type of dog is perfect for agility training. They take part in competitions and one should give them training. They have a great sense of humor. They can rectify any mistake very fast. They are talented and save for kids.


They have a docked tail. Some also Bobtail. Welsh corgi dogs have slightly bowed limbs and straight back. They can be used as a pet animal. If proper exercise and diet are not followed for a healthy person then there will be a problem of obesity, various health problems will occur. Similarly for this type of dog if the routine for exercise and health is not maintained then they will have to face an obesity problem. For the 20 to 30-minute exercises are enough on a daily basis.

Causes of the Problem

Their weight is nearly about 14 to 17 kg. Their height is nearly about 11 to 13 inches. They are of various colors. Their lifespan is very little as compared to another dog. It is nearly about 12 years, it means while reaching 12 years they die. Their main cause of death is cancer and old age. Sometimes it has been seen that the death problem for them is either failure of kidney or urethral obstruction. They are shorter in length as compare to other dogs. They have long back and she legs with bowed, back is wrong. The ears are straight and upright. Both gender male and female are found.


The dog is always loyal to you. They never judge others only spread love to you which is unconditional. They are always with you in your good or bad days. Even many non-dog lovers also fallen in love with these corgis. People love corgis for their work and enjoy giving them training. These puppies are wonderful pets for the pet lover. Due to intelligence nature, people love their company.