Intelligent Dog with faithful and trustworthy nature!!

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An Ultimate Guide to Welsh corgi

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Amazing facts about Welsh corgi

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Intelligent Dog with faithful and trustworthy nature!!


A true friend of human is a dog. They give you unconditional love. Dogs can find people who need them and the emptiness you feel is not known. Everyone likes to keep the dog in their home. It helps people in various fields. The dog is very faithful, the trustworthy animal in the entire world. If any strangers are coming towards them then they attacks and barks loudly. Dogs eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal such as rice, meat, fish etc. There are various types of dogs in which Welsh corgi is also included. Welsh corgi dogs are small in size. The color of the dog is red, sable, black and tan, with or without white flashing etc.

Short Dog Personality

Welsh corgi dogs are intelligence and forceful will. Their bodies are small in size but in their own mind, they are big dogs. This dog needs exercise and training in the proper way. They are not happy with keeping them in a kennel. They want to be part of your family. Their mind is very sharp. They can excess things very fast. If anything wrong happens it can identify within a minute and start barking. Because of their small structure, they are found under your kitchen table or under the sofa. This type of dog is perfect for agility training. They take part in competitions and one should give them training. They have a great sense of humor. They can rectify any mistake very fast. They are talented and save for kids.


They have a docked tail. Some also Bobtail. Welsh corgi dogs have slightly bowed limbs and straight back. They can be used as a pet animal. If proper exercise and diet are not followed for a healthy person then there will be a problem of obesity, various health problems will occur. Similarly for this type of dog if the routine for exercise and health is not maintained then they will have to face an obesity problem. For the 20 to 30-minute exercises are enough on a daily basis.

Causes of the Problem

Their weight is nearly about 14 to 17 kg. Their height is nearly about 11 to 13 inches. They are of various colors. Their lifespan is very little as compared to another dog. It is nearly about 12 years, it means while reaching 12 years they die. Their main cause of death is cancer and old age. Sometimes it has been seen that the death problem for them is either failure of kidney or urethral obstruction. They are shorter in length as compare to other dogs. They have long back and she legs with bowed, back is wrong. The ears are straight and upright. Both gender male and female are found.


The dog is always loyal to you. They never judge others only spread love to you which is unconditional. They are always with you in your good or bad days. Even many non-dog lovers also fallen in love with these corgis. People love corgis for their work and enjoy giving them training. These puppies are wonderful pets for the pet lover. Due to intelligence nature, people love their company.…

An Ultimate Guide to Welsh corgi

Welsh corgi dogs are loving and affectionate among all. It is because people used to spend their tie with them. Usually, Corgi is found in Wales, United Kingdom. According to scientific research, they are two separate breeds, one is Pembroke Welsh Corgi and second is Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

They have short but powerful legs and muscular body shape. Normally, they are red, fawn and black in color. There is no any doubt that they are sensitive in nature and are responsible for playing with a human being a lot. The life expectancy of Welsh corgi is about 12- 15 years. Due to their soft and medium coated body, it is easy to groom and bath. If you are the one who wants to know more about such breed, then make attention on this post. We will discuss in an effective manner which will better and great for you all.

What about Temperament?

The Welsh corgi dogs are highly smart and intelligent in nature. It is all possible because of their strong temperament. However, corgi does a lot of exercise with effective way. There is no any doubt that they are loyal to their owner and hence people used to pay attention to them.


There are lots of factual things to know about them. Below are some points which are responsible for telling about useful characteristics of Welsh corgi breed.

  • Adaptable: most of the time people want such breed that is much loving and easily adaptable in our family. Accordingly Welsh corgi plays an important role in giving them a proper life. However, the fact is that due to their positive attitude and behavior such things surely happen. That’s why people used to pay attention to them.
  • Fit with exercise: Usually, corgi breeds are found in a fit and healthy life. It is because they used to do agility training in their routine life. It is right to say that Welsh corgi breed is known for their healthy meal and well defined exercise. Make sure you’re feeding them the best dog food for small dogs. Feeding them larger dog food will make the Welsh corgi fat and lazy.
  • Intelligent and smart: The fact is that they are much intelligent and smart in nature. It is all possible with their effective work done for others in one command. So the result shows that Welsh corgi is one of the best at all.
  • Much life span: According to the scientific research, they basically live 12-15 years of age. No doubt it is quite good for them. It is because if we compare to other breeds, then it seems better for them.
  • Popularity: There is no any denying the fact that Welsh corgi dogs are much popular not only in our country but also in the whole world. that is the reason they are much considerable among all

Accordingly, Welsh corgi breed is one of the popular among all. It is important to know about such a breed. As a result, these above mentioned points are much responsible for telling you factual things about them. Check out this website for the best dog products to buy your Welsh Corgi.

Amazing facts about Welsh corgi

Have you ever taken a dog as a domestic pet? If yes then you are aware about how to keep the dog, but every breed is different. Every breed has their own specification which makes them different from each other. If you are the one who is thinking about the Welsh corgi, then you are at the right platform. Here in the post, we will break out some of the amazing facts about the breed. Those people who are interested in buying the Welsh corgi then you should read the post carefully. These facts are really helpful for you, and when you read them, then you can easily get to know that either you should buy the dog or not.

Followings are the facts which you should know:-

Never stop petting them

It has been researched that the Welsh corgi dogs are very much gentle. They need that by one hand you will do your work and from the other hand, you will do petting on them. They love when someone scratches their body. They love petting the most as compared to the other working. If you scratch them continuously, then they will stay behind you politely.

Smart dogs

Yes, it is a truth that these dogs are very much smart. There is no doubt in it that they will take some time to get trained but because of their intelligence, they will never forget their training. They are known for their intelligence. There are much breeding around you, but not every breed can get trained as this breed does.

Food motivated pets

The breed loves to be pet or scratched, but there is another thing also which they love the most. That particular thing is food items. They are very much dedicated towards food items, and if you give them to treat, then they will agree on your points and commands. They are in love with foods as they are very much foodie.

Not fat dogs

As in the last point, we have discussed that these dogs love to have food items. There is no doubt in it also for their dedication towards the food items. But these dogs are not fat. Those who have much food usually get fat, but these dogs are not fat after having much food items.

Cool place to live

The point is not made to tell you not to buy the corgi. If you are the one who lives in the area where there is a lot of hot weather exist then make sure that you have a cold place for your corgi. Corgi can’t survive in the hot weather. The hot summers are very much dangerous for the corgi. If you live in cold weather, then you can have the corgi because they can survive in cold weather.

Hope that now you understand about the corgi and if still you are confused then you can take help from the other sites also. You can have the corgi so buy them and make yourself entertained by having them.…

What to know about Welsh Corgi?

Having beautiful creation by god Welsh Corgi is one of the most adorable dogs among all. According to their features, they look attractive and people willing to adopt in many useful manners

They are originated in Wales, United Kingdom. They are usually found in two breeds, one is Pembroke Welsh Corgi and second is of Cardigan. These two breeds are most popular among all. If we talk about their weight and height, then the male breed is about 14 to 17 kg and 27-32 cm in height. Likewise, the female structure is 14-17 kg and 25-30 cm. Here in the post we are discussing about such breed and finding much useful information about them.

Things to know better about dog products

Many times it usually shows that dogs have lots of product which they want for a better living standard. It is important for them because to survive in better conditions. If you are the owner of your dog then with no doubt you all know the requirements of them. Their needs are all of food and clothes. They don’t want money, but they want love from us. However, before buying their product, you must look upon the quality of the product. Sometimes it happens that wrong eating habits may responsible for effecting on their body internally. So we must focus on while buying and make them useful to eat.

Essential features

In the article, you will found plenty of features of Welsh Corgi. They are responsible for making them love and care. Some are the various points which will clear all the basic information about them.

  • Popular breed: The most popular fact of Welsh Corgi is that they are one of the most popular breeds. It is because of their good attitude and behavior towards a human being. Mush adorable functioning of such dogs make all responsible for paying attention to them in a positive manner.
  • Much lifespan: According to the scientific research it found that their lifespan is about 12 years. If we normally see that it is much higher among all.
  • Athlete: They are found in an energetic manner. Somehow due to their agility training, it is possible to see powerful while running and jumping.
  • Affectionate: Undoubtedly Welsh Corgi dogs are familiar as well as much familiar to us. Due to their positive attitude and behavior towards human, it shows that they are much affectionate. It is a term only used there is love for all. That’s why people use d to adopt in a manner to love and care them in effective and efficient manner.
  • Trained and fit: They are usually found very trained and fit. It is because of their normal exercise and eating habits. That’s why many of us consider them just to play with them and share feelings.

These above points show that Welsh Corgi breed is a better option to adopt them. They are filled with many features which makes them adorable.…

Welsh Corgi – Pembroke & Cardigans

Welsh Corgi originates from Wales, United Kingdom. Corgi translates to “Dwarf Dog” in Welsh. In this context, it refers to small sized herding dog. There are two breeds of Welsh Corgi – Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Celtics brought with them, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Pembroke breed is believed to be brought to Welsh territory by Flemings in 10th Century. The similarities seen in these two breeds are attributed to centuries of interbreeding. Cardigans are now listed in the Vulnerable Native Breeds of Kennel Club. Pembroke Welsh Corgis on the other hand are quite popular throughout the world.

Herding breed from Wales

Welsh Corgis have served as herding dogs, to monitor cattle. They are quick and agile. They are commonly referred to as “heelers” in farmlands. They would nip at the heels of the cattle to keep them moving. Their speed and rolls save them from getting hit by the rear leg of cattle. Both the Pembroke and Cardigan counties in Welsh were agricultural areas for such long time. Both of them are adjoining counties in the Southwest of Welsh. There has been various tales of Corgi’s origin, including a few mythological ones. For similarities in appearance, some claim they could have been Dachshunds too.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a social media star in the U.S. It is a part of the Royal family in U.K. The short sturdy breed with strong personality has 1000 years of documented history. The breed set foot and got registered outside Wales, only less than a century ago. Pembroke Corgis can herd sheep, fowl, horses and cattle. They drew cattle around the field and turkeys to the market. If anyone happened to steal them till 1800s they faced tall penalties of ancient Welsh laws. They were such valuable dogs during that time.

The Spitz connection

They are the smallest herding dogs according to AKC. They have been herding dogs for centuries. They gather cattle and livestock together. Thanks largely to its double layer coat, these Corgis are rain proof. The short thick inner coat is hidden by coarse longer outer coat. Pembroke descended from Northern Spitz dogs. Its nearest relative is off course the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Siberian husky is its bigger cousin. For fact, the Cardigans and Pembroke were considered as one breed under Welsh Corgi. It was only later, the differences were officially recognized.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi vs. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

There are clearly defined similarities and dissimilarities between Cardigans and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Cardigans are bigger with bigger bounds and bigger ears. Cardigans are more rounded and Pembroke are more pointed. Cardigans are slightly longer in length than Pembroke. Pembroke is a more popular breed than Cardigan. Both of these breeds are fox-like. Since they were considered as one breed, they were freely interbred. The Welsh Corgis you see today feature just 100 years of evolution. It’s hard to see exclusively ancient or native breed attributes in them. Both the breeds have mythical tales for origins in SW Welsh territory.